Just wanted to give you an update from The McKameys to let you know
how everything is going...
First, a lot of people have been asking about Ruben's health. He missed 4 weeks of singing, and a couple of weeks from the road, due to sickness. Ruben had a terrible case of bronchitus, and
his doctor treated him with antibiotics for a couple of weeks, not getting any better his doctor
then changed to a stronger antibiotic, and put him on house rest (no traveling) until things started
going in a positive direction. He was able to sing with the group at their hometown singing, June 7-8th, in Clinton, Tennessee. Praise the Lord! He is doing much, much better. Thank all of you
for your concern and your prayers.
Speaking of our hometown singing, it was a wonderful success! People came from about 20 states to fill the auditorium of the Second Baptist Church, and we had meetin"! If you missed this
years singing, next year's dates will be June 6th and 7th, 2014! Make plans to attend next year.
As soon as we have all the details we will keep you posted.
On June 11th, Sheryl (alto for the group) got to welcome her second grandchild! A grandson
who they named Luke Farris! He weighed 9 lbs, 5 oz.! All are doing very well! Congratulations
to Sheryl and Allen's son and daughter-in-law, and big sister Annie on this very special miracle!!
Finally, the new project A Song Every Day has arrived! This project includes 10 brand new songs, four songs written by Sheryl Farris, and then some new writers (to The McKamey's recordings). Even, Roger and Eli have a new song! Be sure to check out our store! And on
June 24th we should have all of the soundtracks from this project
available. We also have a new songbook, this book, entitled The McKameys...Sing A Song, includes the songs from the Precious Seed project as well as the brand new A Song Every Day
project. (including the latest Number one, Unspoken Request)! Be sure and check out our store
to order yours..or come see The McKameys in concert and purchase yours today!
Until next time....



Just an update from The McKameys....

Everyone is doing well, looking forward to Spring! We have been very busy this
past year and we are grateful to God for the opportunity to still be spreading
the word in song. God has given us the health and the strength to continue and
blessed us with people, like you, that still enjoy and support our music!
The group had 2 employees to retire last year. Back in February 2012,
our bus driver, Donald Watkins, retired after 10 years of driving the bus for
the group. Donald's health was slowly beginning to take it's toil and he felt like
he needed to retire. God then sent us Michael Hall. Michael and his wife,
Terry live in Newport, Tennessee. Michael has been with the group for a year
now and is doing a great job! This is not an easy job and we have been blessed
with good drivers.
Also, in September 2012, one of our secretaries, Brenda Gray retired from
the group - to spend more time with her grandchildren. Brenda has been a wonderful asset to The McKameys. She enjoyed the ministry and really worked hard
for the ministry. She is a true Christian lady and we truly will miss her. (A lot
of you dealt with Brenda for hometown singing tickets.) We wish Brenda
and Donald the best!
The group is back in the studio this month, working on their 49th project! We
are excited about some new material and who knows, after our last project
with Roger's lead vocals on "Unspoken Request" and the 1st time ever - a male
trio within the group...wonder what surprises will be next... Be watching for a
possible release date in June!
Let us say "Thank YOU" again for all of your prayers, support and love
for our ministry.. We love You and hope to see you somewhere down the road...